The current industry model, or lack there of, that we see today has created an immense shift in the climate of Rap music and Hip Hop as the culture which has resulted in a myriad of Cinderella-rivaling success stories and a new hierarchy of MCs. The best example one could use to describe the momentous shift the Rap game is experiencing would be the sort of position-less basketball/super-team trends we've seen developing in the NBA over the past decade. Without getting too in-depth, the main takeaway here really is this; just as a power forward needs to be able to have the mobility of a shooting guard in the NBA, a producer or rapper now has the ability to also play the role of label executive and beyond. To go even further, just as we saw an exciting off-season filled with mind-boggling trades, the industry is experiencing players move around as well.

This wave of change has pushed the industry into a new direction, where artists value and promote independence, more than large corporate label representation, and with the influence of social media and streaming platforms they've been able to increase their reach tenfold, too, skipping any barriers from connecting directly with a fanbase, that might have been there a decade ago. The environment in the rap game now is much more favorable for artists and producers to become bosses in their own right, and carve out their lane in the industry. The youth are learning how to make their mark too, although they're not quite boss-level status like the artists on this list -- for example, someone like Rich Chigga, who wasn't even in the United States when his single "Dat Stick" went viral in 2016, and now, a year later, is in the middle of a massive tour. And to think he hasn't even released a single project. Or what about the meteoric rise of Cardi B, from literally dancing as a stripper to making money moves as one of the hottest female MCs with a no. 1 single and dummy clout to flex.

With all these new kids on the block painstakingly making their claim to the game, one has to ask, who are the real deal, biggest bosses of the Rap game in 2017? We're breaking it down for you. From every aspect, including net worth, entrepreneurial success to multi-hyphenate versatility as an artist, here are the 10 biggest bosses in the game.

Please note: we looked to artists to fill this list, rather than straight-forward management or label heads. Also, these are presented in no particular order.