In the hyper-competitive world of hip-hop everyone is constantly trying to outshine the competition. The artists on this list take that challenge quite seriously. Hip-Hop's love for cartoons is certainly lengthy, combining lowbrow pop-culture imagery with childhood nostalgia and diamond-draped luxury, the following rappers are owners of some of the wildest cartoon chains in the game.

Some, like Gucci Mane, need no introduction, while others have seen their relevance dwindle after their lavish purchases. Rappers are often forced to grow up at an early age once their music starts to takeoff, these chains, however gaudy, may serve to remind them of simpler times when they didn't have to worry about tour dates, record sales and streaming numbers. Legendary jeweler Ben Baller even suggested as much of Lil Uzi Vert in an interview with XXL earlier this year, "Uzi’s so crazy and so confident and such a weird little kid, so unusual I love it so I’m like, 'Alright, fuck it'," explained Ben. "For Uzi’s piece, when he sent me the picture, I literally died. I was on the plane going back from London to L.A. dying laughing like, This little motherfucker!"

That said, there's nothing simple about the chains on this list. Jewelry after all, is another way to compete in the rap game. Some have more money to spend on their ice than others, and some do it at a more frequent rate than others. This list isn't all about the cost however, and instead focuses on the uniqueness of each piece.  There are dozens of others that could have made this list, and cities like Atlanta seemingly could support a list all their own. A select few jewelers are featured frequently throughout the list, with Ben Baller and Elliot Avainne both making multiple contributions. Making a list like this can be difficult because there are just so many fake chains in hip hop, which can certainly make you appreciate the incredible work of those jewelers mentioned above even more. Let us know in the comments who you think had the most unique piece on the list, and who donned their ice the best.

Here are some of the most animated chains in hip hop.