The Motor City is not necessarily a mecca when it comes to hip-hop, however, it is home to several big names in rap, the first to come to mind are probably Eminem and Big Sean. More recently, Danny Brown has been stepping into the limelight outside of his city, with his album Old undoubtedly making many year-end lists and serving as Danny's lee-way to bigger and better things. Other rappers to make a name for themselves outside of Detroit are mainly Eminem-affiliates, like Obie Trice and Royce Da 5'9". Today, we've decided to avoid the well-known rappers of the D and introduce you to some of the lesser-known emcees that are making noise in the more underground hip-hop scene.

10 Detroit Players From The Underground highlights work from artists on the come-up, including Clear Soul Forces, Black Milk, Quelle Chris, Boldy James and several others, all of whom are consistently on their grind and creating music that remains true to Detroit, even (or perhaps especially) in the city's current unfortunate circumstances. Get familiar, and let us know your favorite emcee from Detroit.