OG Maco is a really interesting, rising star in the rap scene. His music video "U Guessed It" garnered 21 million plays on YouTube since it was uploaded five months ago, and he has been on everyone's mind ever since.

While his style can be pinned down as aggressive staccato rapping, OG Maco keeps us guessing. His Breathe EP is surprisingly well-spoken and intelligent, as the young ATLien raps about the recent string of police injustice that saw the lives of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner and Michael Brown taken without a real cause. 

He's also linked up with the likes of Audio Push and Rome Fortune, with whom he released a nicely packaged, 9-song project with earlier this month.

It's easy to peg OG Maco as another angry, ignorant rapper after listening to the wild "U Guessed It," but he's showing more shades of gray with each released. From the aggressive single to the more conscious "Get Down" (which was produced by Chuck Inglish), let's get acquainted with OG Maco.