Minnesota isn't exactly a fertile land for rap music, but they did produce Slug. Along with DJ/producer Ant, the two are known as Atmosphere, the alternative hip hop duo that has left a massive footprint on music.

Slug is well respected for his deeply introspective lyrics that were present on early albums like GodLovesUgly and Seven's Travels. He wears his heart on his (vinyl) sleeve for millions of people to listen to, and that type of honesty has yielded a cult-like following that can be seen screaming the words at any Atmosphere show, even in present day. Tracks like "Lovelife" and "Trying To Find A Balance" have become soundtracks for struggling youth from middle America, a far cry from the inner-city foundation that rap was built on.

With dozens of ace tracks, we've decided to narrow Slug's discography down into 10 essential verses. Dig deeper if you must, but use this as a starting point to enter the genius that is Slug.