On Sunday night, several residents in an apartment complex on the east side of San Bernardino were shot during a dice game. As reported by CNN, ten people were shot, and three of the victims are currently in critical condition. San Bernardino Police Captain Richard Lawhead told the news outlet that police received panicked calls reporting gunfire on Sunday at 10:45 PM PT. Once officers arrived, they found "at least 10 victims down," Lawhead noted. 

"We believe that there was an exchange of gunfire," the Police Captain continued. "I can tell you multiple shots were fired, I don't want to guess how many. We do have some people that have been transported to the station for investigative purposes so we hope that they will yield information for us." Lawhead didn't exclusively state that gangs were involved, but he hinted at their involvement.  

"My brother-in-law could hear bullets flying past our house," stated witness Alysa Marie. She told CNN that she heard 15-20 gunshots. "He was outside at the time of the shooting," Marie continued. "About five minutes later, the helicopter was circling around our street, talking on the loudspeaker saying to put down the weapons, for the people who were on the ground to get up and get to safety and to let the law enforcement do their job."