What's worse than beef with a longtime rival? Beef with someone who's much closer to you-- say, on the same label. As record labels are founded and organized, above all, to make money, any illusions of camaraderie or a "family" are erased as soon as it becomes clear that not every signee sees eye-to-eye, which (let's face it) happens quite a bit. Our most recent example came yesterday, when Maybach Music Group juggernauts Meek Mill and Wale got into it (again) over some comments the latter made in a Breakfast Club interview. Since Wale signed to the Rick Ross-owned label in 2011, his more conscious music has been a strange fit among the trap-tosterone anthems of his labelmates, and although the stylistic discrepancy has never been called out by Meek, it's almost as if he was destined to be the black sheep at MMG. 

Whether due to differing opinions, conflicts of interest, money problems or music-related gripes, there are plenty more examples of this sort of label in-fighting littered throughout hip hop history. For the purposes of this article, we're limiting things to beefs between rappers who are both signees, so no direct rapper vs. label conflicts here (although Waka Flocka was again on that tip today). Here are ten rappers who found it necessary to start shit with their labelmates.