Whether you're working, running around, chilling with friends, have nothing to do, or have no friends-- if you're looking to have a lazy weekend, or even if you're not and you find yourself on the couch later today, here's a list of Prime Video shows that will reel you in within the first few episodes. Once that happens, good luck turning it off. Although we do advise you do go outside/get some exercise in between episodes. For this week's watch list, we've included some comedy, action, drama and more. Pick your poison, start watching, and let us know your favorites.

Sneaky Pete: Amazon Prime Original

This crime series follows a con-man, Marius, freshly released from prison, on the run from a dangerous gangster. In order to escape, he co-opts the identity of former his cellmate, Pete. It all seems to be working out...at first. Ultimately the world he's adopting might be worse off than his own reality.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Amazon Prime Original

Based in 1950s New York, Miriam Maisel has everything a woman could want: a husband, two kids, and a beautiful apartment on the Upper West Side. Life gets put into perspective when she finds out that her husband has been cheating on her with his secretary. Her husband, who moonlights as stand-up comic, performs frequently at the Gaslight Cafe. Well, one night, Miriam gets up herself and decides to take a swing at the mic, and she might outshine her husband. If you like stand-up comedy and period TV shows, this one is for you.

The Man in the High Castle: Amazon Prime Original

Based on the alternate-history novel by writer Philip K. Dick, this show gives a view of how the world could have ended up if the outcome of World War II was different. In this show, the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, Italy) won the war and have divided up the United States into three parts,  controlled respectively by the Japanese, the Nazi's, and an intermediate "neutral" space between the two. Hope arises when a film is released showing the world in new light.

One Mississippi: Amazon Prime Original

Comedian Tig Notaro pours emotions of her own life into this autobiographical show, where she plays a radio host in Los Angeles battling cancer who has to return to her home-town in Mississippi. As she's tending to her dying mother, she learns about her past.

Bosch: Amazon Prime Original

Harry Bosch is an LAPD detective with a seemingly dark past. This series is based on Michael Connelly's novel, and falls in that good ol' crime-drama category, which is a safe bet for watching.

Jack Ryan: Amazon Prime Original

John Krasinski, who you might recall lovingly from The Office, plays Jack Ryan, a fictional character created by author Tom Clancy, in this series as a newly-annointed CIA analyst. During his very first, and of course, highly dangerous field assignment, he discovers terrorist activity, which ultimately puts the world at risk.


Good Girls Revolt: Amazon Prime Original

Set in late 1960s New York, during a time when change was sweeping the country, there was one area that it didn’t quite hit yet: newsrooms. This show follows character Patti Robinson and her team of women at a fictional news outlet, News of the Week, where they begin a fight for equal treatment-- they just want to write stories like the dudes.

Damages: FX Original

This Golden-Globe winning series is arguably one of the most binge-worthy on this list. It enters the world of New York litigation and all that it entails, as lawyer Glenn Close and her protege Rose attempt to take down one of the world's wealthiest people during a class action lawsuit. 

Rescue Me: FX Original

Rescue Me follows a New York City Firefighter, Tommy Galvin, who happens to talk to his dead cousin-- he died during the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11. He also sees the ghosts of other victims, as well. Galvin is an alcoholic who has lost his family and most friends to the disease. This series uses dark humor to describe post-9/11 life as a firefighter. 

Boardwalk Empire: HBO Original

This classic, from the same executive producer as The Sopranos, showcases Atlantic City during the "dry" times of the prohibition. Nucky Thompson (played by the always great Steve Buscemi) both parts politician and gangster, runs the city. This series follows him doing business with famous gangsters until a former protege takes matters into his own hands.