At the end of January, it was revealed that 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, and Adidas were partnering up to organize the quintessential hip-hop grudge match - an East-Coast vs. West-Coast basketball game, with both teams made up entirely of rappers. The event is set to take place on February 16th and 17th, at 747 Warehouse Street in Los Angeles. Aside from the anticipated basketball game, Adidas has also promised live music, NBA all-star appearances, and more. The entire event sounds like a hell of a good time, with the East vs. West match-up no doubt emerging as a highlight.

In the wake of dropping some new music, East Coast captain 2 Chainz took a moment to address the upcoming game; from the sound of it, he's ready to hit the court. "Halo and I plan on announcing our team for the All-Star game," says 2 Chainz, in a recent Instagram video. "It's going to be fun, cool, good energy, good vibes. We leaving all the sucka stuff at home. We gon' have a dunk contest, a three point contest. Fun and games, we ain't gotta beef, we all know what we do for a living."

The captain reveals he's already got a few rappers lined up for his team, stating "hopefully if I draft em they can play with me. We gon do the draft live, Snoop and myself." While it's hard to guess which rappers might be making an appearances, it wouldn't be surprising to see The Game, Quavo, Lil Dicky, Dave East, Cam'Ron, J. ColeChris Brown, and Master P coming through. Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming East vs. West game.