On an episode of GQ's Most Expensivest Shit 2 Chainz contemplated spending $25,000 for a pair of Jordans. After some consideration he decided the purchase would only be worthwhile "if Michael Jordan himself either wore them or he had something to do with the final finishing touches." Clearly, Chainz has a lot of respect for MJ, and the fact that he played college basketball before getting into music probably plays into that as well. 

On Friday, Chainz actually got the rare opportunity to meet Michael Jordan, an encounter he made sure to brag about on Instagram. "For The Culture," he captioned a picture of the two together in what appears to be a backstage area. One of many great things about the photo is the fact that Chainz is nearly as tall as Jordan. 

In another selfie posted on IG, Chainz shared the simple caption "Legend."

It's unclear how exactly the Chainz and Jordan ended up in the same room, but we'd like to think that Jordan is a fan of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Hopefully this can inspire a future punchline in a song.

Speaking of Chainz' Instagram, we recently spoke to the rapper's personal photographer, Joe Moore, who told us about what it's like to document the exciting life of Tity 2 Necklace.