2 Chainz has won consistently throughout 2017, delivering arguably his best album with Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, traveling North America sampling some of the most expensive luxuries the world has to offer, and appearing on countless albums as a scene-stealing guest feature. However, the Atlanta rapper has recently called out the Governor's Ball, implying that they better put some respect on his name. The reason? Check out the official poster, as posted by 2 Chainz below.

As you can see, his name is buried beneath a slew of artists, nearly halfway down the marquee. 2 Chainz clearly feels some type of way about the perceived slight, claiming that whoever made the flyer needs to redo it. " I ain't goin for the buddy buddy Shit this year give me miness!!!" wrote 2 Chainz, before listing of his 2017 accolades. "Numbers don't lie and neither do I." 

It's pretty strange seeing 2 Chainz so low on the list, especially considering how high profile he is in comparison to some of the higher acts. Does it really make sense for 2 Chainz to be advertised below 6lack, D.R.A.M, Russ, The Glitch Mob, or Maggie Rogers? Give the man the respect he deserves. Pretty Girls Like Trap Music was a 2017 highlight, and hopefully, the Governor's Ball can make things right with the Hair Weave Killer.