If 2 Chainz claims to have already made "the hardest song in the world," with Future, the new snippet he just played on his Instagram must be a close second. “Walking out Louis looking like a Virgil discount ...... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” the caption for his post reads. The upcoming track drops off quick bar, after quick bar over some beautifully intense flute instrumentation, “Flute going stupid,” one commenter wrote. The chorus, like many 2 Chainz classics, is sure to get stuck in your head:

Walking out Louis looking like a Virgil discount

If it aint a hundred, that’s a miscount 

Seven days a week, I smoke six ounces

If a chick with me she like big houses

The track is strong enough to have impressed a number of other artists. Both Diddy and Ty Dolla $ign left fire emojis under the post to show their support. So far, the Instagram post has garnered over 170,000 views. While 2 Chainz already dropped off one great record this year with Rap Or Go To The League, it seems that more new music still may be on the way. Fans will definitely be waiting anxiously for this one to drop. Check out the new snippet for yourself below.