On Saturday, a video was shared from the inside of 2 Chainz's 42nd birthday party, in which he announced that he's "about to drop an album." He was so stoked off the birthday energy that he even revealed some more details about the project. It will feature "young" and "undiscovered' artists. He listed Skooly, Cap.1 and C-White afterwards, so it's likely that they will be contributors. These artists are all members of his T.R.U. label (The Real University). He probably wants to shine a spotlight on them, since his last album, Rap Or Go To The League exclusively featured big names, like Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper and Ariana Grande. However, Tity Boi did tease in July that he made "the hardest song in the world" with Future, so I don't know where this superstar collaboration will fit into the whole "undiscovered" theme.  

Even before 2 Chainz announced this news at his party and played the first single (titled "Shootout"), he's been frequently posting song previews on his Instagram page. He usually records himself bopping or smoking along to a track he just recorded while he's still in the studio, making it seem like he's so blown away by the bars he just laid down in the booth that he feels urged to share them immediately. If this is the case, it makes total sense. 2 Chainz has been rapping his ass off for over two decades and he's reached the point in his career where he should feel like the GOAT. 

Listen to the new snippet below, in which he notably raps:

"She staring at me, cause I'm lookin' like it
I know I can hit, I'm a fucking psychic
Ass so fat, put it on the back of a motorcycle"