On today's episode of "People You Didn't Think You'd See Talking To Each Other On TV," we have 2 Chainz, promoting his upcoming album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, in one corner and, in the other corner, the hosts of The View and Ohio governor (also former presidential candidate) John Kasich. Let's just say things got at least a little weird.

Chainz, for his part, was great. He begins by speaking articulately about the Manchester bombing and calling it a "real unfortunate situation, before addressing the rumor of him potentially running for mayor in his hometown of College Park, Georgia. That's when Kasich took the segment off the rails by making the suggestion, "Just make sure you drop the yo, though!" I mean, Whoopi's reaction is priceless.

Later on, Kasich, who considers himself a "friend of Bono," tried to wrap his mind around the who's-who in modern rap music. He said that he "used to"listen to Kanye West with his kids before seeming awestruck by Nicki Minaj's rise to prominence. "[She] seems to be working with everybody, including Ariana Grande," said the governor, who asked Chainz how he "gets" all these stars in order to have them on his records. Once again, priceless.

You can watch the full video below.