With the reveal of Colin Kaepernick's new "Just Do It" campaign with Nike, a mixed reaction was bound to ensue. Disregarding those who do not have an opinion on the matter, you're either ecstatic about the news or livid. After the initial glee of Kaep's supporters had slightly worn off, videos started to appear showing men and women burning their Nike gear, no longer willing to support the company after the ad was released. While the frustration is understandable, the extremes that people are willing to take in situations like these are scary. With Donald Trump choosing to attack the brand over the new campaign, 2 Chainz believes that we're in for some terrifying times in the future because of this.

The Atlanta rapper spoke to his fans on social media, noting that it was extremely brave of Nike to release the video but that the repercussions are bound to be on the horizon. "I'm going to make this prediction," started Tity Boi, continuing, "although what Nike did was brave, it's gonna start a race war and a purge. It's gonna happen." Chainz explains that his mindset in thinking so is because people will stop policing events over political differences on where Nike stands. He believes that there will be events with no police presence and, in his words, "Shit gon' go down and people ain't gon' come see about you." He ends the train of thought by exclaiming that he hopes he's wrong and for the sake of the country, we do too.

Where do you stand on Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad and do you think 2 Chainz has a point here?