To say that 2 Chainz had a big year would be an understatement. He dropped his fourth solo studio album (third, if you don't consider ColleGrove as a solo endeavor) and built a whole world surrounding the concept. However, a big part of the year for 2 Chainz was the fact that he broke his leg and didn't allow it to impede his plans. Chainz graced every stage he was scheduled for in a pink wheelchair. While he wheeled around for the majority of the year, he surprised fans during a late night performance with Travis $cott when he hopped out of the chair, revealing that his leg is better. However, his medical bill for the broken leg summed to a heavy amount.

2 Chainz took to Instagram to explain why exactly he has insurance. He revealed the medical bill for his broken leg which came up to $84,455.76 in total. However, with his insurance plan, which covered $80,272.20, which left the balance to $4,183.56.

"So okay check this out, I don’t know about Obamacare, Trump, I don’t know about none of that shit. You know I broke my leg," he said before revealing the amount he was charged, "the insurance paid $80,0000 because I do have insurance, period.  Which leaves my balance at... C'mon man, you do math. You know that."

Considering the fact that 2 Chainz is the host of a show called "Most Expensive Things," this could probably end up somewhere on an episode. But the fact of the matter is, most people can't even afford the medical bill even after the insurance coverage and it's pretty crazy to think that an accident that'll leave one with a broken leg will cost more than a down payment on a home. 

However, now that his leg is better 2 Chainz also posted a video to Instagram that called out all the NBA players that went to see him while he was in a wheelchair. The rapper captioned it, "Callin alll @nba dudes who came to my show when I was in a wheelchair," while hitting consistently hitting shots while yelling "2 Chainz."

It's nice to see 2 Chainz back in action.