Hip-hop fans opened the #RIP21 trend on Twitter with their hearts already having dropped to the floor, anticipating the worst regarding Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. Thankfully, the superstar recording artist is still very much alive and the trending topic has nothing to do with him. That didn't stop fans from freaking the hell out though.

As football fans remember the life and legacy of Sean Taylor, who wore the number 21 for the Washington Redskins, on what would have been his thirty-seventh birthday, the hip-hop world was scared to see what had happened to their beloved Saint Laurent Don. 

21 Savage Sean Taylor
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

"WHY WOULD YOU HAVE #RIP21 TRENDING DURING THESE TIMES, I THOUGHT WE LOST 21 SAVAGE," wrote one person on Twitter. "I see #RIP21 and automatically thought y’all were talking about 21 Savage," tweeted another.

While several people in the world can be described using solely the number 21, 21 Savage is likely the most recognizable figure using the moniker. Another hashtag would probably have been more appropriate while avoiding all of the confusion that broke out on social media. Hopefully, that's noted for next year.

Sean Taylor passed away in 2007 after being shot inside his Miami home. The Redskins' safety was only twenty-four at the time of his death.