Issa Album rapper 21 Savage is looking to add another title to his resume - pilot. In a move that might impress some and terrify others, 21 Savage has officially taken to the skies for his first solo flight. The young rapper has been taking flying lessons for the past five months, and in order to achieve his goal of procuring a pilot's license, 21 had to successfully complete a solo flight. However, the instructor was indeed present, sitting shotgun in the event that anything might have gone wrong. However, it would seem as if 21's takeoff and subsequent flight were successful, so congratulations are in order.

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It's a big milestone for the ambitious rapper, so he brought girlfriend Amber Rose along for the ride. TMZ released some video from the flight, which finds a proud and terrified Amber addressing the camera. As the plane gains speed, Amber's panic increases, and honestly, can you blame her? No matter how much you love someone, hitting the skies with a pilot-in-training would no doubt prove a terrifying experience. Especially when all the clouds are overcast. Luckily, 21 Savage came through like a boss, and successfully completed his hour-long flight between Miami and the Florida Keys. 

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It's cool to see the rapper expanding his skill set, and props to him for realizing one of his dreams. 21 may be a divisive rapper, but the fact remains that he's out there flying a plane, and that in and of itself is respectable. TMZ reports that 21 Savage has always "dreamed of being a pilot," and now that he's getting a few bags, he's able to afford the $10,000 license fee. Still, the process takes a long time, and 21 has a while to go before he's able to fly on his own.

Check out some of the video footage below, and sound off. Would ya'll be reacting like Amber, if you found our your pilot was 21 Savage?