22 Savage is a comedian-turned-rapper who has built his name off the back of 21 Savage. He's received a lot of attention for it as well, with plans to drop a Savage Mode and a history of releasing songs that are copy-and-paste titles of 21 Savage records.

This has the possibility of being infuriating for 21 Savage, who has hustled and put in hours to get to his current buzzing position in the rap game-- however 21 has been taking it in stride, or rather, ignoring the whole thing entirely, until now. At a recent live show he addressed his imitator(s) to the audience, dismissing him (/them) easily.

Rapping to the crowd, 21 is heard saying, "Ain't no 22, ain't no 23." You can check out the short clip below.

What do you think is going to transpire from here?