21 shut the club down this past Saturday (Nov. 26), and not in a good way. His lethargic energy angered the crowd at a club in Tempe, AZ, causing bottles, chairs, and other hazardous objects to be thrown at the stage. There were reports that 21 and his bodyguard got knocked out during the chaos, though the Slaughter King has vehemently denied those rumors. 

The Savage Mode rapper had been the opener at a YG concert at the Marquee Theatre earlier that night, and his scheduled appearance at the School of Rock club was a hosting job and not a performance. Still, those in the club thought he wasn't doing a worthy job of hosting the party. In two videos that can be found below, 21 can be seen bobbing along to his hit single, "X," with very little enthusiasm. He stands silently and doesn't seem to be concerned with interacting with the crowd. 

These next two videos provide a glimpse at what the scene looked like when the crowd became disorderly and objects began flying. A man can be seen lying down on the stage, though it's unknown if he's affiliated with 21. 

There have been reports of 21 sustaining an injury amid the turmoil, though there has been no concrete visual evidence to confirm such claims. According to MediaTakeOut, both he and his security guard were knocked out by glass bottles thrown from nearby the stage. The gossip site reports that both men were rushed backstage immediately. 

However, 21 is having none of the rumors that he was taken out by the local goons. "C'mon man, if you believe that shit, you a fuckin' idiot," he said on Snapchat, in a clip that's been shared by DJ Akademiks. He continued, "We do all the knockin' outs around this motherfucker. Nobody over here gettin' knocked out. Never in life."