21 Savage addressed Young Chop dissing him over Instagram live on Saturday by asserting that Chop is mentally unstable and proving that he himself does, in fact, own tons of jewelry. This weekend, Chop continued his dissing spree, which he began earlier this week by speaking ill of Meek Mill, Nav, French Montana, Lil Wayne, and more. 21 Savage found himself to be the victim of Chop's cutting words once again, when the rapper-producer hopped on IG live to trash another one of his hip hop peers. "I state facts," Chop began. "Yeah, I'm saying n*ggas' names. Yeah, 21, all y'all n*ggas some bitches. What's up? On God. I'm in Atlanta. And 21, we live in the same area. Tell the people that. We live in the same f*cking area. We go to the same Walmart, n*gga. What's up, n*gga. Let the people know that."

He continued the clownery by dunking on 21 for supposedly never rocking any jewelry. "The reason you don't walk around with no jewelry," he said, "let them know that. With yo' b*tch ass. You a b*tch. And I walk around with all my jewelry on. And my sh*t real. F*ck wrong with you?" Other than sheer boredom or perhaps a case of cabin fever that's driven Chop mad, it's unclear exactly why he's decided to go after a myriad of fellow rappers. However, it looks like 21 Savage wasn't too bothered by Chop's harsh words, instead finding a little humour in the diss. 21 posted a photo of Chop on his IG story early Sunday morning, indicating in the caption that the man has absolutely lost it. "Make sure y'all go get his tape when it drop cuz he need da clout and pray for him cuz he done lost his mind," he wrote, along with a black heart and a sword emoji.

21 Savage Young Chop diss response Meek Mill

21 also addressed Chop's claims that his ice is either fake, or that he doesn't own any to begin with, by showing off some of his luxury watches. "Dis n*gga Yung Chop said 100K," he wrote along with some laughing emojis on a photo of the impressive collection. "Dis aint even half."

21 Savage Young Chop diss response Meek Mill Instagram live

Meek expressed similar sentiments about Chop's "obvious" instability, after he dissed Meek by calling him "scary" prior to his 21 Savage rant. "It’s obvious chop having some mental issues, Meek tweeted. "Y’all be gassing stuff so much y’all just gone ignore it! I been getting beats from him for years hope he get well."

Who do you think will be Chop's next target? Or would you rather these antics be put to rest?