The streaming era has been a fruitful time for hip-hop's young artists, many of whom have already amassed veritable treasure troves worth of gold and platinum plaques. For 21 Savage, who recently reunited with Metro Boomin to deliver the anticipated and acclaimed Savage Mode 2, his collection stands among the most respectable of his generation.

Especially more so after this weekend, during which 21 officially added an additional twenty gold and platinum plaques to his existing haul, bringing his grand total to thirty-one. That's a lot of wall space for the Atlanta rapper to occupy, but rest assured that he'll find a way to make it work. 

For the most part, many of this recent batch stems from I Am > I Was, an album released in late December of 2018. And while the album itself was certified platinum in January of 2020, it would appear that many of the individual songs have followed suit to an extent. We're looking at, on the gold front, plaques for "Numb," "AT&T," "Bad Business," "All My Friends," "FaceTime," "Famous," "Immortal," "Whole Lot," "1.5," "My Brother," "ASMR," "My Choppa Hate N***as" with Offset & Metro Boomin, "Mad Stalkers" with Offset & Metro Boomin, and "Rap Saved Me" with Offset, Metro Boomin, and Quavo.

On the platinum front, 21 managed to upgrade the J. Cole-assisted "A Lot" (a track that proved countless naysayers wrong) with a fourth plaque, as well as shiny new ones for "Ball Without You," "Can't Leave Without It," Issa Album, a third upgrade for "X" with Future, and a fifth for "Bank Account." Suffice it to say, it's only a matter of time for 21's collection grows even more substantial, especially considering the fact that Savage Mode 2 has yet to enter play. Expect several of that album's tracks to hit the gold mark before long, and congratulations to 21 Savage for an impressive milestone