We're waiting for Lil Yachty to release some new music right now. After the red-haired rapper appeared all over Quality Control's latest Control the Streets compilation, the demand is finally high again for some new music from Lil Boat and his fans are crossing their fingers that he comes through with a few surprises soon. 21 Savage is another artist that we're hoping to hear from in the coming months. Both stars have had hit-or-miss moments during their careers but they've remained relevant throughout it all. Lil Yachty is one of the most recognizable men in the music industry and so is Savage. Boat may be a bit inactive right now but he never fell off and he sure as hell isn't working at a fast-food restaurant, like Savage wants us to believe.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Atlanta-based hard-hitter joked that he was about to change his rap name and today, he's back on his knee-slapping tip. Taking a quick trip to Chik-fil-A, 21 Savage spotted an employee walking around with a hairstyle that can only be compared to one other man. He put the camera on homie and started laughing for his Instagram followers. "Lil Boat, Lil Boat, yeah, ouh, get it now," he said aloud. Mans was really just trying to get through his day at work, now he's going viral for his resemblance to another red-braided man. 

Savage always comes through with some pretty funny content so you should definitely keep an eye on his page every now and then.