2KBABY Remembers His First Time Ever Getting High On "How To Roll"

Alex Zidel
February 26, 2021 14:44

2KBABY details his weed-smoking habit, revealing that he was selling before he ever smoked on the latest episode of "How To Roll".

2KBABY is one of the hottest rappers coming out of Louisville, Kentucky, and today, the 20-year-old rising star released one of his biggest songs to date. Last month, the "Old Streets" rapper came through with his THE 2K STIMULUS two-pack and this week, he delivered his latest single "Like This" with Marshmello.

In addition to his new single, 2KBABY is also starring on the brand new episode of How To Roll, which marks the first episode of the fan-favorite series since December, and it's kicking us off for this year. 

The up-and-coming star goes through his weed-smoking habit in the new episode, showing us how he rolls up and delivering some wisdom, telling his fans that one of his secrets is to always rinse the Backwoods after you're done rolling it. "Definitely rinse 'em off," said 2KBABY. "I used to not rinse them off and I ain't gonna say I always rinse them off now, I do rinse 'em off. I roll so much that just getting up to go rinse them off be annoying."

On this given day, 2K didn't have the energy to rinse off the blunt. He goes on to speak about his first time ever getting high, which happened after he made $10 from his first time selling. He says that he got back home, figured out to create a homemade bong, and tried out his product. He got super high, reflecting on the moment a few years later.

Watch the brand new episode of 2KBABY on How To Roll above and be sure to listen to his new single with Marshmello, titled "Like This", here.

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