West coast rapper 40 Glocc has been known to hate from time to time, often setting his sights against eternal nemesis The Game. Yet that doesn't mean he can't occasionally set his sights on others. Often, Glocc tends to channel a schoolyard bully circa 2002 and take to calling people "gay," among other homophobic slurs. Today, the latest recipients of his ire are none other than Kanye West, Young Thug, and 2 Chainz, three men who take no qualms with the world of "haute-couture." 

It seemed to be one particular image that ruffled 40 Glocc's feathers. In it, Yeezy, King Slime, and Tity Boi are dressed to the nines, with all three donning long coats of various eclectic colors and patterns. No matter that two out of three have brought their plus ones; to 40 Glocc, tis' the clothing that defines a sexual preference, and nothing more. "THIS WHAT THE INSIDE OF GAY MEN CLOSET LOOK LIKE," he writes. "FU*K ALL THAT. I DON'T GIVE A FU*K HOW MUCH ALL THAT MIX-MATCHED SH*T COST."

It's unclear what prompted such vitriol from 40 Glocc, especially given Young Thug and 2 Chainz' relative sense of neutrality. Of course, Ye has been divisive of late, making no shortage of enemies in the West Coast. Yet Glocc's line of attack is distasteful to say the least, and it's unlikely that such unwarranted attacks will yield responses from any of the targeted recipients.