Ego, popularity, jealousy and worldwide success are some of the key factors that have led many hip-hop moguls to end business relationships, and ultimately friendships, in order to maintain power over their own careers and/or the promising careers of their counterparts. 

We're all aware of some of these hip-hop leaders/tycoons that have fallen out with one another, but many are unsure as to what the underlining issues of these fall outs actually are. The following list goes on to discuss 5 of hip-hop's most memorable power struggles, their background and whether or not these issues have worked themselves out presently. Of course, there have been many various beefs within the game on a rap level, but these are note-worthy as they concern heavyweights who were politickin'.

Check out some of the following historic fall outs such as Jay-Z and Dame Dash and Andre Harrell and Diddy. This list goes to show you that with power, comes responsibility - the responsibility to protect both yourself and your brand, possibly at the cost of friendship.