The inspiration rappers draw from mob films can't be denied. Flicks such as The Godfather, King Of New York, Casino, Goodfellas and Scarface have helped shape the persona of many of your favorite emcees. Artists tend identify with characters that rise above all odds and prosper, in a criminal field or otherwise. Tony Montana, Frank White, Vito Corleone, Sam Rothstein  - the list of "inspirational" characters is a long one.

Other than character inspiration, mob movie references appear constantly in rap lyrics, whether an artist is repainting a particular scene or comparing his or herself to a specific character. Also, sampling mob flick scores and dialogue has been a staple of hip-hop production since the early years. 

Read on, and if you haven't seen all of these films, do so ASAP. 

(Keep in mind, they appear in no particular order). 

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