MigosCulture was a career-defining project for the Atlanta trio. While "Bad & Boujee" introduced them to a much wider audience, Culture was the culmination of the years of buzz they've built. They further proved their contributions to hip hop and pop culture with the album and launched themselves into pop stardom. However, the hype around an artist is only as good as their consistency.

Last night, they finally revealed the release date for Culture II which is expected to drop on Jan. 26th, a day before the one year anniversary of Culture. The hype surrounding the album was built as far as last summer when Quavo said he misplaced the hard drive with all of the Culture II recordings. It's since been found and we've still been waiting on the album which was initially expected to drop before the end of 2017.

Thusfar, they've released two singles off of the project with the Nicki Minaj & Cardi B assisted "MotorSport" and the Pharell produced "Stir Fry." Based off of those singles, it's hard to predict what they'll have up their sleeve for their upcoming project. The trio have been dabbling with every sort of genre since breaking out into the mainstream so it's difficult to predict whether they'll stick to their successful formula or experiment with other genres.

As they gear up to release Culture II on January 26thwe've created a list of the five things we want to see on their highly anticipated follow up album.