50 Cent is known for Instagram trolling either by a number of memes that instigate something or a number of comments meant to set someone off. In his latest Instagram happenings, 50 Cent shares a few videos of a recent run-in with boxers Jarrell Miller and Deontay Wilder.

50 starts his story off by telling his followers that he was at a fitness competition when he ran into "Big Baby" Miller while he was with Deontay. Apparently, Miller wanted to fight Deontay, even after De gave him a concussion in a previous fight. 50, using his investigative skills, figured that someone was lying to him about something. 

Well, in the next video, 50 explains that the two share one thing in common - the girl that Deontay is now with. According to 50's video diary, Miller told him that he used to sleep with his girl before he did.

So basically, 50 is putting their conversation on blast as a way to initiate a fight between the two - but according to 50, he's not starting shit, he's just telling us "what's really going on."

Check out his videos below in the order they were posted.