After Vivica A. Fox shared details about her and 50 Cent's sex life - 14 years after their relationship - 50 was straight pissed. "I’m waking up to this shit, that was14 years ago. smh who does this? What the fuck!" he captioned a photo. 

Even a few days after the fact he posted a video speaking on the double standard. "You would call the police on an---a, called your brothers and told [them] to jump the n---a" he explained. 

Since the drama has settled down, 50 has a new approach to the situation - and it's that he doesn't care anymore. Captioning a photoshopped photo of him reading Vivica's book he says: "l don’t care no more it’s cool, but l was mad as a motherfvcker. She could a told me before it came out. #power #theoath."

Speaking of Vivica, the actress now has blue hair - peep the video below.