This is all too familiar territory when it comes to 50 Cent. This guy loves to stir up trouble, as evidenced yesterday when he posted a YouTube video calling out Steve Stoute for talking shit about him, and comparing the incident to that of one in the movie "Juice." Today we have some more 50 antics, with the target being Steve Stoute (again), Diddy and Rick Ross.

Over the weekend we saw 50 Cent publicly confront Steve Stoute at a Knicks game, which was the result of a recent interview Stoute did with Hot 97 where he took shots at 50's career. Fif took to his Instagram account today to throw up a photo of Diddy and Rick Ross, which had a split screen with another photo of Diddy and Steve Stoute-- in both pictures, Diddy looked very close to the other person. 50 implied they were all homosexuals with the caption ""I ain't saying nothing, but something ain't right. Lmao."

50 was quick to delete the post though, but not before it got saved, thank you Internet. Peep the incriminating post in the gallery above. 

Is 50 the best/worst troll ever?