If anyone knows a good business model when they see one, it's 50 Cent. The mogul doesn't hesitate to lend his celebrity voice to help a growing business, and he recently took to Instagram to showcase Goose Country, a premium outerwear brand. "You know the vibes Goose Country is doing the right thing support companies that are minority owned and giving back to low-income communities," 50 Cent wrote. "🤨get the jacket now."

The company was established just last year and the owner Rico Hundo says that "the support has been unreal." They've received support from other famous figures including Snoop Dogg, Adrien Broner, Tory Lanez, Fabolous, Lil Durk and more. Now, the first black and brown luxury coat company is teaming up with 50 Cent to donate five percent of their gross sales to the G-Unit Foundation, giving funds to low-income communities across New York.

“We are thankful to have support from a such a business-minded mogul who represents our generation,” Hundo says of 50 Cent. “My inspiration behind Goose Country is so as minorities we can have a luxury item that goes back to helping our own." The founders were once premium manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the heart of New York City and have served the entertainment industry, superstars, and sports personalities since the 80s.