The on-going feud between Jim Jones & 50 Cent continued Wednesday night when the two took a couple more shots at each other on IG. It all started when Jim Jones took initiative and roasted 50 Cent for his outfit, saying his stylist should be fired for his all-black suit & shoes. Not stopping there, Jones decided to double down and share another pic of 50 in the same black suit, along with a side-by-side shot of a Belaire liquor bottle, making fun of him yet again (see below).

Of course these two posts caught the attention of 50 Cent, who you then had to fire back with a shot of his own. Fif shared a picture of a shirtless Jones, while making fun of his “dirty” appearance and looking like a “mangy dog.”

“This guy just look dirty 👀right? For real look at him he just look mangy dog. LOL” he captioned the photo.

This back & forth is just the latest in the two’s on-going feud. Fif kicked everything off a few weeks ago when he made fun of Jones for his latest police chase and arrest. Jones made a rebuttal, before challenging 50 to a boxing match for a few million bucks earlier this week on the Angie Martinez Show.

Check out Fif's response (below), and let us know who you think had the harder burn?