After Meek Mill's sentencing was announced, the rapper was shown an abundance of support by several members of the hip hop community. Jay-Z, T.I. and others were quick to show their support for the rapper on social media. Jay for example, was quick to point out the injustice in the sentencing, calling out the judge after the D.A. and the probation officer didn't recommend jail time for Meek. 50 Cent was another rapper that took to social media to speak on the case. However, he seemed to have a different point of view on who's responsible behind it.

50 Cent hit up social media earlier today to add his commentary to the Meek Mill situation. Unlike Jay-Z, the rapper felt there was someone else to blame for the sentence. 50 posted a cropped picture of Meek's lawyer, Brian McMonagle, walking to court with Meek Mill on his Instagram. The caption of the post read, "So this is the guy that got meek a 2- 4 for riding a dirt bike?" Putting the blame on the people that were trying to keep Meek Mill out of jail. Brian McMonagle is a well known Philadelphia defense lawyer. He's the same defense attorney that led Bill Cosby's legal council  during the sexual assault trial. The lawyer has also represented other entertainers and athletes in the past. 

Earlier in the year, both Meek and 50 finally put a rest to their lengthy internet feud. The two rappers had a long standing beef that lasted for the course of two years. Back in August, 50 Cent brought Meek out in Las Vegas to perform "Dreams and Nightmares." It was the first time they were seen side by side after ending their feud. Meek previously revealed that he and 50 squashed their beef with each other prior to being seen on stage together. Despite the fact 50 didn't actually say it in his post, this is probably his way of showing some sort of support to Meek Mill right now.

Check 50 Cent's post below: