When Dream Doll was walking around in her Balenciaga Crocs, she figured she was making a fashion statement. Perhaps she would break a few necks while she walked on the street. Instead, she found herself wiping out hard and nearly shattering her own ankles. While Crocs are the go-to for nurses (and men named Post Malone) who have to work on their feet for a long day, the Balenciaga variation is much more uncomfortable, it seems. Dream Doll became the laughing stock of 50 Cent's office building after she fell hard on the ground and thankfully for us, it was all caught on video.

Fiddy made sure to look back at the security footage, trying his hardest to make her into a meme. In the original video, Dream doesn't even appear to trip, she looks as though she's willingly just taking a break and laying down in the middle of the room. Upon closer inspection, you can see her ankle nearly snap as she wipes out. Fif made sure to get his day's worth of content with the security footage, finding a similar fall and clowning the rapper with it. "These shoes are a no go," wrote the Power director. "They almost killed Dream Doll today." 

Knowing 50, he'll probably have a few more laughs coming throughout the day.