Rick Ross and 50 Cent are going at it again on Instagram. As you could have guessed, 50 was the instigator, though, eventually, Rick Ross had it coming for the new T-shirt he recently added to the MMG online store

Right now, you can buy a "Rick Ross Body Tattoo Slim Fit T-shirt" for $25.00. The shirt is an exact print of Rick Ross' chest and torso, diamonds and tattoos and all, so if you've ever wanted to look like a shirtless Rozay, get one while you can. Ricky's biggest rival, 50 Cent, just copped one. 

Or maybe he just posted a picture of one on Instagram. In any case, along with the photo of Rozay's skin shirt, 50 wrote, "I ain't have nothing to do so...I'm selling these for $2.95." 

Rozay is no stranger to 50's social media antics, but he felt compelled to respond to this one. He went to his own Instagram to share a screenshot of 50's post, and wrote, "Forced into #BANKRUPTCY now the Donkey @50cent WORKING 4 MMG merch co. selling T's for 2.95 on the #BLACKMARKET," using the latter hashtag to namedrop his upcoming album, which drops on December 4. 

Luckily, this beef has been mostly in good fun as of late. Who takes the "L" in their latest exchange?