The Mega Millions jackpot may have been claimed, but that hasn't stopped 50 Cent from going back to the drawing board. After the world received word that an unidentified South Carolina citizen took home a gargantuan haul of up to $1.537 billion, 50 has decided to lob a Hail Mary. Taking to Instagram, Fif made it clear he's intending on getting richer by any means necessary. "That’s right, fuck that l want some of the Money," he says, acknowledging that he may or may not be going too far. 

"Whoever wins that lottery tomorrow touched me inappropriately 30 years ago," writes 50, with little to no idea about the actual winner. Clearly, it's a little bit of 50's signature gallows humor, though some might feel he's blurring the lines between "appropriate" and "edgelord" status. One has to wonder if 50 is attempting to make a stab at deeper social commentary, though in reality, he's likely taking the piss. Still, one $1.537 billion dollar fortune gets thrown into the mix and everybody loses their damn minds.