Coming off of his performance during both Coachella weekends, Eminem has to be celebrating the success of his live shows. Still drawing enormous crowds after two decades in the game, Em also has enjoyed ten years of sobriety, showing off his gold token, awarded after being clean for so long. One of Shady's guests during his Coachella set was 50 Cent, showing up to perform a few songs as the two have a storied history as collaborators. Many were impressed with the rapper's set, deeming it as one of the most "surprise-filled" events of the evening. After having fun together on stage, 50 took to Instagram to show off a photo of the two together, declaring his love for the Detroit native.

Referencing one of their greatest collabs "Patiently Waiting," Fif wrote, "Lol 😆 ,EM is still my favorite white boy, l Love him till death. #power." The two can confidently be considered as legends after spending so many years as two of the most relevant figures in music. While Eminem is still figuring out how to correctly use social media, 50 posted the image of the duo since he uses the medium seemingly every minute of the day.

Are 50 and Em one of the most iconic pairings of all time? Where do their collaborations rank on your list?