50 Cent posts what he wants, when he wants. There is no censoring this man. No matter how much Instagram tries to keep his content clean, he will always push the boundaries and he's allowed to do just about whatever he wants. Why? Because he's 50 Cent. We love him for it too. Sure, sometimes he gets out of line as in the last week, his attacks have been aimed at his own son. However, his trolling is insanely humorous most of the time. Fiddy is one of the pettiest people on social media and he proved that in one of his most recent uploads.

The legendary rapper posted a photo of his Christmas tree but instead of traditional decorations, Fif used red-bottoms to spruce up the tree. "I couldn’t find the balls for my tree, so my Ex old shit a work," he wrote on Instagram. No homemade ornaments or special mementos... only his ex's old Christian Louboutins. We're guessing that once they broke up, he made sure that she gave back everything that he had gifted her. Safe bet?

Earlier today, Fiddy shared a few posts dedicated to Dream Doll after she wiped out in his office. He continues to be one of the most entertaining people to follow on social media.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images