50 Cent has been juggling his time between working hard on Power and fine-tuning his upcoming album. Now, the Get Rich Or Die Tyin' rapper has received an interesting co-sign from People Magazine, who officially dubbed the rapper 2017's "Sexiest Triple Threat." That doesn't exactly bode well for 50's myriad enemies, as the announcement will no doubt led to an astronomical increase in ego. Still, it's always fun to see 50 Cent winning, especially when his trolling has seemingly reached an all time, and merciless high. For the record, the man who walked away with People's highest honor was country singer Blake Shelton. 

People qualifies 50 Cent as a triple threat based off his rapping, acting, and producing credentials, and spoke with Fif about some of his inspirations and secrets to a confident lifestyle. For all ya'll looking for some game tips from 50, listen to what he had to say below:

“I think a lot of a man’s confidence is connected to his accomplishments...I don’t think men are as sexy as women are until we’re successful and it’s publicly noted. But if you can have the confidence to just be yourself … you’ll say things that make women laugh, know they like having you around because your energy is just good. It’s you being you versus you trying to be something.

He also big-ups his son Sire, saying ""He's the most important person in my life. He's my motivation." As of now, 50's sole acknowledgement of People's praise has been through an IG post from before the article dropped, in which he jokingly promoted the magazine saying "Check out people's magazine, eww I think they like me." 

Obviously, it's probably a confidence booster to be deemed one of "the sexiest men alive," and it's crazy to think that 50 Cent is still managing to find new ways to keep his name out there. In other music news, 50 Cent has been teasing an upcoming collaboration with Jeremih, which you can check out by hitting the link above.