If you've been paying attention to 50 Cent's latest moves on social media, you're well aware of the stunts he's been pulling to pocket as much money from his enemies as possible. At one time, Fiddy and Young Buck may have been friends. The two were collaborators in G-Unit, working closely together and contributing to some of the most iconic moments in hip-hop history. All of that is behind 50 Cent though because these days, he just wants to get paid for elevating Buck's career. The Power producer isn't exactly patient when it comes to getting paid. He either gets his change by Monday or he'll be calling you out and exposing all your dirty secrets to the world. Fif alleged that his former ally Young Buck had been in a romantic relationship with a transgender woman for three years, which Buck has denied, and now he's got his fans running up on the artist too.

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

In a new video reposted on Fif's page, somebody can be seen confronting Buck while shopping for groceries. He's with an unidentified woman when the man approaches Buck, asking what's going on with him and 50. Buck repeatedly asks the man to stop filming their exchange, which the man does not respect. He then asks if it's true that he's sexually attracted to trans women before Buck threatens him and says he's got something in the car if they really want to fight.

This whole situation has gotten way out of hand at this point. People are disrespecting the man's privacy and potentially ruining his day by running up on him in the grocery store. Either Young Buck needs to pay up or he can expect his near future to be filled with moments like this.