As you all probably know, 50 Cent owes a lot of money to a few select creditors, including Sleek Audio, SunTrust Bank, and Lastonia Leviston, Rick Ross' baby mother, to whom 50 owes $7 million for uploading a stolen copy of a sex tape of hers to YouTube in 2008. In total, 50 owes an estimated $30 million; of that sum, over $18 million is owed to Sleek Audio. Apparently all three of the aforementioned creditors have now teamed up and come up with a payment plan to which they hope to get the G-Unit boss to submit, reports TMZ.

As the creditors are currently waiting for the the judge to approve their plan, 50 has preemptively declared that if said plan were to be initiated, it would be a violation of the 13th amendment -- the one that effectively abolished slavery. 

The plan "would create a near-indefinite period of involuntary service and indentured service," said 50, reported via TMZ. He argued that the seemingly endless payment plan would give his creditors full control over his "access to food and shelter." 

The 13th amendment makes illegal slavery and involuntary servitude, except, in the case of the latter, as punishment for a crime. I'm not sure how literally the amendment is interpreted these days, though 50 is guilty of at least one crime -- that being the illegal uploading of Levinson's sex tape, right? 

Whatever happens, we hope 50 isn't actually facing prospects of involuntary servitude and that his massive debt isn't endangering his access to food and shelter.