Quarantine can be a trying time for even the most rock-solid unions, let alone the new couples looking to test the waters and see what blossoms. Many memes have already begun circulating highlighting the salivating faces of divorce court attorneys patiently waiting for the dust to settle. For 50 Cent and his girlfriend Cuban Link, who have been holed up together in New York, the jury is still out. Fif is known for his relentless trolling tactics in the best of times, and one can only imagine the mischief he might get up to once the devilish fangs of cabin fever sink into him.

50 Cent Cuban Link quarantine

Today, the legendary rapper took to Instagram to hit Cuban with an ultimatum of sorts, one that has been in circulation long before the days of indoor plumbing: domesticate thyself or face the plague. Sharing a picture of a pair of makeshift "designer" rubber gloves, Fif made it clear that unless Cuban donned said gloves and swiftly got to cleaning, she would be left to contend with the terrifying outside world. 

From the sound of it, it didn't exactly fly with Cuban, judging by Fif's recounting of events. "I got these for @_cuban_link," he captions, alongside an image of the gloves in question. "She got mad, I don’t care she gotta clean up or go outside with the corona’s." The shrug emoji suggest a simple reality -- he is who he is. As of this moment, it is unclear as to whether Fif is currently facing a clean apartment or an empty bed. Who knows what madness week three will have in store.