Just when you thought that 50 Cent didn't have more drama in him, he fires off another another social media post calling someone out. 

This is hardly a new thing for the Get Rich or Die Tryin' rapper, whohas been battling both TV networks and other well-known music personalities from the music industry. First, there's his ongoing public spat with STARZ, the premium cable entity that houses (for now) his hit show Power. There were rumors that his Instagram photo caption from last week was an implied admission that he was the one who leaked an episode of the show, which lead to higher ratings. Second, you have his other spat with Irv Gotti, where he called out the producer's BET show Tales for being "garbage," a comparison that Gotti didn't take lightly. Don't forget, Gotti and Fif had previously butted heads when the former was in charge of Ja Rule's then-unstoppable music career.

Earlier today, 50 Cent posted another angry-sounding Instagram post, but this time widening the scope of his rage to target the general group of individuals who might fall under the category of "business people." Wearing a Radiers cap and sporting a scowl on his face, 50 captioned the photo with the following statement: "I hate when business people try to tell me what to do, what the f**k you gonna do, not do the deal? I'm already rich dick head. I grew up around people who would kill you for playing with the money don't play wit me. Stupid!!!"

There's much speculation as top who he's really talking about here, but recent events might indicate that this might be another shot at the STARZ executives who don't seem to be backing down off of their stance, in terms of who's really making Power so successful, despite the rapper's near-constant barrage of ridiculing statements and admissions. With Fif already having at least a few toes in the door at BET, with his late night endeavor 50 Central on the way, it's conceivable that the premium cable channel might ask 50 Cent to find another home for his acclaimed drama. Then again, this could all just be public posturing. At this point, no one except those involved can say for sure.