New York generally tends to have 50 Cent's back, and judging by his hometown show at B.B. King's Friday night, they're still backing him in his recent feed with Meek Mill. Footage from the show finds the crowd chanting "Fuck Meek Mill," and cheering on Fif's shots at the MMG rapper.

"From now on, no more competition with n----s that didn’t sell over one million records,” said Fif at one point, also criticizing the rapper for his lack of Grammys.

Needless to say, Fif's issues with Meek are far from ironed out, despite Meek's efforts to put his energy in a more positive place, donating money to the Flint Water Crisis and asking 50 to do the same.

Watch the clip from 50's show below. We know Meek is preparing a new EP, will he choose to respond on record?