Yesterday, a hilarious picture of 50 Cent reimagined as 6ix9ine began circulating, prompting ostensible anger from the legendary rapper. Yet given his penchant for dark humour, it seems as if 50's comments were taken out of context. "So now they’re saying I’m homophobic and making death threats because I joked about being mad at a picture of me as 69," writes 50, in his latest IG post. For some context, he shared a screencap of an article from GayStarNews, which came with the headline "50 Cent tweets death threat after someone photoshopped him with rainbow teeth." 

50 proceeds to write off allegations of homophobia, which presumably kicked off due to his seeming disavowal of rainbow hair; seeing as Fif never slung any anti-gay language, it's difficult to assess where the accusations stemmed from. In any case, his seemingly irate response to being photoshopped as a bastardized 6ix9ine clearly ruffled a few feathers. In truth, 50's sense of humour is quite distinct, notable for its merciless nature and preference for the gallows. Case in point, his explanation, in which he says "what the fuck, I love gay people I get bitches to kiss each other all the time and I like it." 

Eventually, 50 takes a moment to get serious, writing "Nah for real get the fuck outta here wit this. Get The Strap." One has to wonder if anybody actually felt Fif caught genuine feelings over the 6ix9ine picture, so much so that they legitimately thought that "death threats" were being slung around. Strange times.