Adrien Broner has been involved in a beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine this week and, as each side takes turns bashing the other on social media, Broner's fight with Jessie Vargas nears. Whether or not he will be embroiled in a street brawl with Tekashi before that is yet to be seen as they are both in the same city but one person that appears to have Broner's support is 50 Cent. Creating an interesting triangular dynamic, Fif was spotted with 6ix9ine last month, co-signing him as the King of New York. With his latest video, 50 is not taking sides in the 6ix9ine-Broner feud as he seems to fervently support both.

Yelling at the TV like any true middle-aged man watching sports, Fiddy chimed in while Adrien Broner addressed his upcoming fight. As Broner claims everybody is against him and throws around "bitch ass n---a" accusations, 50 yelled at AB that he is finally understanding things. Echoing Broner's "Shut that soft ass shit up" comment, the rapper and entertainer says he's betting his money on AB in the fight. 6ix9ine notably is betting a cool $300K against Adrien for the Saturday duel, with AB matching the bet by already preparing a check with Tekashi's name on it.

Captioning his post, "AB got me hype right now, this gonna be a good fight this weekend," it's clear who 50's favorite is. Who do you think has the upper hand this Saturday? Will Jessie Vargas or Adrien Broner come out on top?