Lloyd Banks hinted earlier today that he's ready to retire from hip-hop after a 25-year love affair with the genre. The self-proclaimed Punchline King decided to put away the microphone while professing his love for rap in a series of tweets. One man that doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon is his G-Unit cohort 50 Cent, who decided to joke around about Banks' announcement. Earlier this year, it was reported that the two former group members were no longer on speaking terms. While they may have hashed out their differences, 50 is known to be an active troll, consistently dragging Troy AveRick Ross and other subjects in his Instagram memes.

Fif posted a photo to Instagram of a man leaning back in a lawn chair with a glass of wine, enjoying retired life. The photo has "Lloyd Banks Be Like Retirement" written atop it, while Fiddy's caption makes light of the musical departure of one of rap's greatest. 50 captioned, "👀 l be like, l got shit to do #power." Power is just one of 50's ventures into television as the man continues to get busier and busier with business and entrepreneurial undertakings.

While 50's content is often controversial, he always speaks his truth, which is commendable. 50 has informed those who do not agree with the things he posts to simply unfollow him in the past. How do you feel about 50's Lloyd troll post?