50 Cent has been adamantly trying to convince everyone that Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson. He probably means it but at this point, he's doing it to troll everyone including Jackson's kids. He's brought up stats, footage of the singer's live shows, and more to prove his point but not everyone is buying it. Earlier today, he shared another clip of Breezy performing as he shaded the other R&B artists in the game right now and doubled down on his claims that Chris Brown is a better than MJ. "I would hate to be a R&B nigga right now 🤦‍♂️this fool better then MJ no 🧢," he wrote.

While he let the comment section of the post, as well as the rest of the internet, debate the topic, he came through a few hours later with one of the most hilarious memes he's ever posted. With the Jheri Curl and all, Fif photoshopped his face on Michael Jackson's body on the Thriller cover as well as a #GetTheStrap reference. "CB ain’t got shit on me.🤨I got moves fool," he wrote.

Although Fif's been running with these jokes since the summer, word finally got around to Paris Jackson who shut down any claim that Chris Brown is at the level of her father -- although she is friends with Breezy.