Remember when 50 Cent turned into "Fofty" and threatened to siphon millions of dollars out of his biggest rivals. That was all sparked by his differences with Randall Emmett. While their feud appeared to have fizzled out, the one-sided beef surprisingly continues today, with Fiddy commenting on Emmett being placed on a "strike/unfair" list at the Writer's Guild of America.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

The news about Randall Emmett potentially being an "unfair" producer isn't exactly out of place. For years, there have been allegations made against the man, including from 50 Cent. In addition to some sexual misconduct allegations, Emmett was accused by 50 of owing him upwards of $1 million. Their feud was well-documented, and it even included Emmett's partner Lala Kent

Of course, 50 has a lot to say about this latest update in Emmett's story, taking to Instagram to comment.

"Smh you can’t just be beating writers out of there money man," said the rap legend and television producer. "Now nobody wants to work with you, oh Happy Thanksgiving."

It's nice that he remembered to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving but, as you should all know by now, 50 Cent takes no days off. It doesn't matter if it's a holiday, or if it's your birthday, the man will always come for you when he finds some ammo.